Tag: Primate


  • Lemur

    Lemur Characteristics + Fitness, Social Understanding, Logical Thinking - Mental Defense, Solve Puzzles and Riddles, Physical Defense Features Long Ringed Tail

  • Baboon

    Baboon Characteristics + Social Understanding, Physical Endurance, Nimbleness - Retain Loyalty, Mental Defense, Logical Thinking Features Carnivore Teeth, Big Butt, Tail

  • Orangutan

    Orangutan Characteristics + Create Information, Coordination, Physical Defense - Social Presence, Retain Loyalty, Mental Offense Features Carnivore Teeth

  • Gorilla

    Gorilla Characteristics + Physical Defense, Physical Offense, Logical Thinking - Mental Defense, Guess Correctly, Fitness Features Carnivore Teeth

  • Chimpanzee

    Chimpanzee Characteristics + Solve Puzzles and Riddles, Manage Loyalty, Social Understanding - Mental Offense, Physical Defense, Hardiness Features Carnivore Teeth

  • Gibbon

    Gibbon Characteristics + Social Understanding, Fitness, Coordination - Physical Offense, Understand Information, Hardiness